Amarante no Cereus

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Name : Amarante Manette de la Courcel no Cereus
Title : Lady
Class : Nobility
Homeland : Namarre
Birthdate : Sep 08, 1190 (Age: 17)
Mother : Marguerite de Rouge de la Courcel
Father : Ambroise de la Courcel
Status : Devoted to Naamah
Portrayed By : Candice Swanepoel
"... and it’s you are whatever a moon has always meant and whatever a sun will always sing is you ..."
- E. E. Cummings


A quiet and observant member of Cereus house, she seems to have a way with mediating situations amongst her fellow novice. Amarante has a keen ear for the quiet complaining about the drudgery of daily life, and seems to have a genuine caring nature while doing so. She also has a love of learning, as most of those in the First House are known for. Often times the wise advice given is not expected to come from such a young woman.

Plot Hooks
  • Amarante is a member of Cereus House, but seems to have hints of other House teachings hidden beneath her surface. Interested in finding out what those hints are? Contact me!
  • Are you a fellow member of the Night Court in need of a confidant? Seek me out!
  • Looking for a passionate, pale skinned, night blooming flower? Perhaps Amarante's your gal!
  • Are you learning new languages? Maybe you'd like to learn them with Amarante?
  • Are you burdened with your duties? Maybe you just need a caring courtesan to listen to your troubles?
  • Are you interested in learning any pottery techniques?
  • Are you a fellow avid reader? Perhaps we've run in to one another at the various libraries, or you'd like to show your library to her?
  • Are you a warrior in need of someone to be impressed with your skills?
  • Are you a sophisticated tutor looking to find a pupil?
  • Need a shopping buddy? Someone to admire your fashion sense? Or are you a merchant in need of a patron? Seek me out!
  • Are you looking to find out what secrets Amarante might know about her patrons? Forget it. She won't tell.

At a Glance

Nicknames: Ama, Mara, My Moon, Brave Dove, Dovechild, Starborn Beauty, Moonlight Incomparable
Hobbies: Pottery, Reading, Socializing, Doux Amour, Charity, Letter Writing
Likes: Being adored, Passion, Giving gifts, Getting gifts, Making someone smile, Fish pie, Pleasing my Patrons, Pleasing period, Laughing, Dancing, Horseback riding, Gardens, Romantic gestures, Chivalry, Ciphers, and Windy weather
Dislikes: Drama, Rudeness, Being unkind, Thoughtless comments, Presumptions, and Hateful gossiping

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