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"Oriens per Aestus Estus"
"Rising with the Tide"
Duchy Eisande
Patriarch Tristram Rousse
Matriarch Illysa Rousse
Heir None Presently
House Motto Rising With the Tide
House Colors Blue and Green
Family Seat Havre de la Mer,
Barony of Aveyron
Main Export Ochre
Asset Skills Crafts, Warfare
House Overview

The Rousse family is another one of the most well-respected and important families of Terre d'Ange. With a long and strong history ripe with naval accomplishments, it is no wonder that today the family possesses a majestic fleet of military and trade ships. Much of this trade takes place in the port city of Marsilikos, thus keeping both the Rousse and Mereliots quite close in their interactions with one another. Still to this day there is a strong friendship between these two families.

As a result of the Rousse family's extensive history in trade with various nations, they have established many positive relationships with numerous foreign lands.

The main export of the Rousse holdings is ochre. Other provincial exports include: chestnuts; almonds; wool; and wax.

House History

The history of the House of Rousse is one steeped strongly in naval history. While always a prominent member of the d'Angeline peerage, as well as the international trade scene, the Rousse family's most prominent historical point of note is that of the family's ancestor, Admiral Quintilius Rousse.

It is also no surprise that many of the Rousse family members bear many mixed traits of foreign blood due to their wide spread of trade throughout the world. The Royal Admiral himself was the grandson of a Serenissiman and was best known for his friendship with Phedre no Delauney and her mentor, Anafiel Delauney. It was by the Admiral's fleet that Phedre crossed the Straits and was able to recruit the Dalriada and Albans to reclaim Drustan's throne and come to aid Terre d'Ange in their upcoming war with the Skaldi. Later, Quintilius sired a son by the Lady of the Dalriada, Eamonn mac Grainne, who was a key player in events of Imriel de la Courcel's life.

The current Duc is also known for his 'foreign sympathies' and attended the diplomatic mission to Milazza...some say out of a favor to the Queen Regent, and some say out of affection for Illysa Visconti, the daughter of the Duc Milazza whom he hoped to make his bride.

  • Duchy of Rousillon
    • Comte of Sombreuil
      • Viscomte of Ales
        • Barony of Aveyron
        • Barony of Servian
      • Viscomte of Lodeve
        • Barony of Millau
        • Barony of Frontignan
    • Comte of Nimes
      • Viscomte of Bourbonnais
        • Barony of Toulouse
        • Barony of Eresse
      • Viscomte of Blagnac
        • Barony of Brax
        • Barony of Colomiers

Family Tree

Note on Family Trees:Trees are not set in stone; names and genders can be changed easily enough for those wanting to take a character over. Numbers of siblings will require a very good justification, as will numbers of living family members overall.

  • Edouard Pierre Rousse, Duc de Rousillon (d)
  • Wife: Therese Mereliot Rousse (d)
    • Son: Edouard Thierry Rousse, Duc de Rousillon (d)
    • Wife: Veronique Delaunay (d)
      • Son: Tristram Rousse, Duc de Rousillon
      • Wife: Illysa Visconti Rousse
      • Son: Andreas Victoire Rousse, (d)
      • Wife: Crystaline Perigeux Rousse
          • Son: Severin Adoni Rousse, Comte of Nimes
          • Wife: Elena Paquet (d)
            • Daughter: Victoria Paquet- Rousse (Heiress)
            • Son: Thibault Paquet-Rousse
          • Son: Armand Lezare Rousse, Baron de Aveyron
          • Wife Sophie Sommerville Rousse
              • Son: Paul Gerard Rousse (Heir)
            • Daughter: Mariebelle Jolene Rousse, Baroness de Servian
            • Daughter: Caroline Millicente Rousse (Heiress)
            • Annabelle Dianne Rousse, Viscomte of Lodeve
            • Husband Terrance Maignard Rousse
              • Son: Gilbert martin Rousse, Baron de Millau
              • Daughter: Anne-Louise Pascale Rousse, Baroness de Frontignan
              • Daughter: Camille Sidonie Rousse, Priesstess of Eisheth
        • Son: Vincent Rousse, Comte of Sombreuil
        • Wife: Princess Mei-Xie (d)
        • Second Wife: Laurette Blays Rousse
          • Son:
          • Daughter:
          • Son:
          • Son: Thomas Eduard Rousse, Viscomte of Bourbonnais
        • Wife: Caterine d'Essoms Rousse
          • Son: Richard Joel Rousse, Baron de Toulouse
          • Daughter: Lili-Ange Marique Rousse, Baroness de Eresse
          • Daughter: Blancheflour Rousse no Alyssum (Courtesan)

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