Amarante no Cereus

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Name : Amarante Manette de la Courcel no Cereus
Title : Lady/Second of Cereus House
Class : Nobility
Homeland : Namarre
Birthdate : Sep 08, 1190 (Age: 17)
Mother : Marguerite de Rouge de la Courcel
Father : Ambroise de la Courcel
Status : Devoted to Naamah
Portrayed By : Candice Swanepoel
"... and it’s you are whatever a moon has always meant and whatever a sun will always sing is you ..."
- E. E. Cummings


Quiet and observant, the Second of Cereus House seems to have a way with mediating tense situations with a gentle hand. Amarante has a keen ear for the quiet complaining about the drudgery of daily life, and seems to have a genuine caring nature while doing so. She also has a love of learning, as most of those in the First House are known for. Often times the wise advice given is not expected to come from such a young woman.

Plot Hooks
  • Amarante is a member of Cereus House, and now made the Second but seems to have hints of other House teachings hidden beneath her surface. Interested in finding out what those hints are? Contact me!
  • Are you a fellow member of the Night Court in need of a confidant? Seek me out!
  • Looking for a passionate, pale skinned, night blooming flower? Perhaps Amarante's your gal!
  • Are you learning new languages? Maybe you'd like to learn them with Amarante?
  • Are you burdened with your duties? Maybe you just need a caring courtesan to listen to your troubles?
  • Are you interested in learning any pottery techniques?
  • Are you a fellow avid reader? Perhaps we've run in to one another at the various libraries, or you'd like to show your library to her?
  • Are you a warrior in need of someone to be impressed with your skills?
  • Are you a sophisticated tutor looking to find a pupil?
  • Need a shopping buddy? Someone to admire your fashion sense? Or are you a merchant in need of a patron? Seek me out!
  • Are you looking to find out what secrets Amarante might know about her patrons? Forget it. She won't tell.

At a Glance

Nicknames: Ama, Mara, My Moon, Brave Dove, Starborn Beauty, Moonlight Incomparable, My Violet
Hobbies: Pottery, Reading, Socializing, Doux Amour, Charity, Letter Writing
Likes: Being adored, Passion, Giving gifts, Getting gifts, Making someone smile, Fish pie, Pleasing my Patrons, Pleasing period, Laughing, Dancing, Horseback riding, Gardens, Romantic gestures, Chivalry, Ciphers, and Windy weather
Dislikes: Drama, Rudeness, Being unkind, Thoughtless comments, Presumptions, and Hateful gossiping

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