Antoine Mereliot

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Antoine de Mereliot
Duc of Eisande
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Class : Noble
Homeland : Eisande
Birthdate : August 11, 1184 (27)
Occupation : Duc of Eisande
Mother : Angevin de Mereliot, Lady of Marsilikos
Father : Silvere Monluc, Priest of Naamah
Status : Married
Heir : None
Portrayed By : Matt Bomer
Some Notable Stats
  • Virtue: Justice
  • Vice: Lust

  • Intelligence ••••
  • Presence ••••

  • Religion (Naamah) ••••
  • Empathy (Reading Emotions) ••••

  • Resources •••••
  • D'Angeline Beauty ••••
  • Social Maneuvering ••••
  • Trained Observer •••••
  • Multi-Lingual ••••• (Aragonian, Caerdicci, Carthaginian, Habiru, Hellene, Menekhetan)
  • Contacts •••• (Courtesans (Balm), Priests (Naamah), Courtiers (Eisande), Priests (Eisheth))
Pretty Pictures
Coat of Arms

The oldest child of Avgevin de Mereloit and Silvere Monluc, Antoine de Mereloit is the full sibling of Nerrisa de Mereloit and half-sibling to several others. He has spent much of his life in the service of Naamah as a priest and has travelled the world with the Eisande Navy. Having come back and heard of the troubles in his home court, he has put aside his priestly garments to take on the duties of his family.

After holding a reception and game to find a suitable match, Antoine found himself swept up in the lovely company of the Dowager Marquiste Fleurette l'Envers. The former widow became his wife and is now the new Soverign Duchesse of Eisande.

At A Glance

Nicknames: TBD
Hobbies: Model Ships, Shipbuilding Designs
Likes: Collecting Model Ships, Loose Conversation, Fine Wine, Refined Women
Dislikes: Loose Women, Loose Morals

RP Hooks
  • Rank: Antoine had the role of Duc placed upon him after Emma Grossmaine went away. With Eisande being primarily matriarchal in nature, his marriage to Fleurette l'Envers has actually made her a higher rank than he.
  • Role: Duc of Eisande, Keeper of the Navy.
  • Interesting Trait: He's gotten more of his mother and father's blood in his genes, making him an exceptional beauty and fairly persuasive.
  • Family Ties: Tied by blood to the royal family, Augustine is his brother by marriage, Liana, his Niece.
  • Scandals: They're great for giving something to hook into.
  • Opinions: Unlike some in his family, Antoine is an isolationist when it comes to his court. He does not believe foreigners should have a place in the house and took steps to remove them when he became Duc.
  • Fleurette Mereliot - Fleurette swept into the competition to earn courtship with Duc Antoine and walked away with not only his company, but his heart. After several months of courtship, the two recently married and Fleurette is expecting her first child with him.
  • Edith no Balm - Edith was responsible for introducing Antoine to the warmth of Naamah's graces, taking his innocence and becoming his first lover over a decade ago. Recently, the Balm Dowayne made him an offer that he could not pass up.
  • Nerissa Mereliot - Dowager Duchesse of Eisande, her return makes things interesting - he hopes that they will work together to rebuild Eisande and make it stronger from current events.

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