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Azalaïs' CharGen Walkthrough

Last Updated: 07.08.2016

This page provides a step-by-step walkthrough of Kushiel's Debut character generation. The character system is based on the New World of Darkness system, also known as "nWoD" or "nWoD 1E," though several mechanics may be simplified or altered.

  • Refer to the Chargen section for further information on statistics and rolls used.
  • Look at the XP Incentives for this quarter, and always look on +bboard 23 for more information.
Character Concept

Set basic traits about who and what your character is. The Concept section sets the framework for your character.


  • &fullname me=<name> - Set your character's full name
  • &position me=<position- Set your position. Same as occupation below.
  • concept <concept> - Set your concept
  • occupation <job> - Set your occupation. For landed nobility, use your actual title. For priests, use your title.
  • homeland <country> - Select your country of origin
  • province <region> - Set your home province. D'Angeline only.
  • house <choice> - Choose your noble house, Night Court house, or set N/A
Age, Virtue, and Vice

Characters can be 16 and up.

  • age <years> - Sets your age to years
  • age <years> in <month> - Sets your age at a given month
  • age <years> on <month> <day> - Selects your age at a specific birthdate
    Example: age 29 on October 4

You are guided by your virtue and vice, identifying your foremost positive and negative qualities. Even the most saintly priest has a cardinal weakness, while a villain has a redeeming virtue. In the system, you regain all spent Willpower by acting on your virtue at personal risk. You regain one spent Willpower by indulging your Vice in a fashion that could endanger you.

  • virtue <virtue> - Selects your virtue
  • vice <vice> - Selects your vice

Attributes represent your fundamental capacity to perform actions. Nine traits are divided into three broad categories: physical, mental, and social.

Attributes begin at a value of 1 and cannot exceed 5. You receive points to distribute between each category. Attribute points may not be shifted between categories, but they can be raised with Experience Points (see below).

  • Points: Distribute 5/4/3


  • show attributes - Displays your current values
  • increase <name> - Raises the attribute
  • decrease <name> - Lowers the attribute
    Example: increase Strength

A counterpart to Attributes, Skills represent your education and trained abilities in specific fields.

Skills are divided into three categories: physical, mental, and social. You receive points to distribute between each category. Skills begin at a value of 0 and cannot exceed 5. While points may not be shifted between categories, Skills can be raised with Experience Points (see below).

While two characters select high Presence, their choice in skills may represent two entirely different approaches. One may take Intimidation and Streetwise as a compelling criminal, while a talented courtesan favours Persuasion and Expression.

  • Points: Distribute 11/7/4


  • show skills - Displays your current values
  • increase <name> - Raises the skill
  • decrease <name> - Lowers the skill
    Example: decrease Subterfuge

You gain three Specialties to represent further expertise within a given field. A specialty can only be purchased for a Skill you have at least 1 dot in. Rolls with a Specialty gain a +1 dice bonus.


  • show specialties - Displays your current specialties
  • specialty skill=<specialty> - Sets a specialty for the given skill
    Example: specialty Empathy=Detect Lies

Merits represent unique knacks or advantages available to your character. These include innate talents, tangible resources or even supernatural abilities. Like Attributes and Skills, they fall into several categories: physical, mental, social, fighting styles, social styles, and supernatural.

Merits begin at 0 dots and usually cannot exceed 5. Each Merit has a given value or a range, representing its cost. When selecting a Merit with multiple dots, you must pay the full cost. You cannot purchase individual levels, like the 2nd-dot effect.

Any marked CharGen only cannot be purchased after approval. You must fulfill any prerequisites a Merit to purchase it, whether racial (e.g., Tsingani), cultural (e.g., Alban) or statistical (e.g., Composure 3).

  • Points: Distribute 15


  • show merits - Displays your selected merits and remaining points
  • merit <name> - Purchases the selected merit
    Example: merit Danger Sense
  • merit <name>=<value> - Purchases merit at a given rank
    Example: merit d'Angeline Beauty=2
  • merit <name>=0 - Removes the selected merit

Status Merits:

  • merit Status (Type)=<value> - Purchases the merit at a given rank
    Example: merit Status (Commerce)=2
  • Valid Options: Academic, Black Swans, Commerce, High Society, Les Enfants, Military, Night Court, Occult, Politics, Religion, Underworld, Unseen Guild

In the system, flaws represent those weaknesses and human foibles that may harm relationships, lead to poor choices, and undermine you in various situations. When roleplayed out these can offer additional XP, particularly when a flaw puts you at risk. You can select more than one flaw, but beware, these are a favourite storytelling tool to make your life tricky at best, miserable at worst.


  • list flaws - Shows all available flaws
  • show flaws - Displays your selected flaws
  • flaw <name> - Selects a flaw
    Example: flaw Animal Aversion

Note: Once you advance beyond the Flaws room, you cannot go back to make stat changes without staff assistance.

Starting Experience Points (XP)

All characters receive a set amount of starting experience points, and possible bonus experience points based. Bonuses can be earned for age, wanted concepts or regions, and other details. See Staff posts on +bboard 23 for further information.

Note: Staff must set your starting XP before you can use the following commands.


Command Description Command Description
addattr <name> Raises an Attribute by 1
Example: addattr Composure
+sheet/skills Displays your current Skills
subattr <name> Lowers an Attribute by 1 +sheet/specialties Displays your current Specialties
+sheet/attributes Displays your current Attributes setmerit <name>=<value> Add a Merit
Example: setmerit Status (Military)=3
addskill <name> Increases a Skill by 1 setmerit <name>=0 Deletes a Merit
Example: setmerit Status (Underworld)=0
subskill <name> Decreases an attribute by 1
Example: subskill Stealth
+sheet/merits Displays your current Merits
addspec <skill>=<specialty> Adds a Specialty for a given skill
Example: addspec Religion=Azza
add morality Adds a point to your Morality score
subspec <skill>=<specialty> Deletes a Specialty for a given skill sub morality Lowers your Morality score by one
Finishing Touches

The final touches for your character will prepare you for the grid. All characters must have a background, description, +info, and +notes (if applicable).


  • +bg/set <section #>=<content> - Sets your background section
  • +bg/# - Displays the content of the background section


  • @desc me=<Description> - Set your character's appearance
  • &shortdesc me=<Overview> - Set a short description of your appearance. This should include any details like D'Angeline Beauty
    Example: &shortdesc me=Weathered, black-haired man who limps. (DA2)

This command displays information about your character to other players. Only staff and you can see all fields set on you. Other entries are only visible to other characters with the appropriate Status Merit.

Command Description
&info me=<details> Sets publicly available information about your character
&info_<status> me=<details> Sets information visible only to people with your Status influence
Example: &info_military me=Michel is a captain in the Royal Army, who served in the Flatlands War in 1212.
+info Displays all visible +info

This command sets OOC information on a note, which may be public or visible only to you and Staff. Notes are needed for certain Merits with multiple possible values, such as:

  • Ability Aptitude (Skill)
  • Allies (Influence)
  • Area of Expertise (Skill)
  • Canon Specialist (Skill)
  • Contacts (Influence)
  • Family Status (Contacts, Skill, Specialties)
  • Library (Skill)
  • Multi-Lingual (Language): Also see +help say to set languages on the game.
Command Description
+note me Displays all +notes on you
+note/add me/<title>=<subject> Sets a note on yourself with the given title and content
Example: +note/add me/Family Standing=1. Academics, Warfare%R2. Sailors, Foreign Merchants%R3. Asset Skill: Crafts, Specialties: Crafts (Ships), Warfare (Naval)
+note/del me/<number> Removes the note
+note me/<number> Views the specific note
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