Current Events

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Current Events

This page documents current events and significant plot developments that characters are assumed to be aware of. The ongoing fallout affects the grid and may be a point of roleplay.

  • 1208-Present: The Black Cross openly attacks D'Angelines and builds support in other nations who resent Terre d'Ange as a soft land corrupted by demonic influences. The extremist movement gathers aid from unknown sources to weaken D'Angeline interests abroad and targets prominent individuals for assassination, including dukes and duchesses.
  • 1210-1211: Vralia invades the Flatlands on the northern border of Terre d'Ange. In response, Terre d'Ange votes to go to war and attacks the Skaldi-led mercenary forces. Foreign aid helps bolster the Royal Army and provincial levies. However, by war's end there is no clear victor in the conflict.
  • 1211: King Augustine levies increased taxes on the provinces to pay for the Flatlands War. On Longest Night, all scions of the Companions felt their powers restored in a surge of powers and some experienced the emergence of greater, new abilities.
Important Events

These historical events stand out for their influence on D'Angeline history and current roleplay on the grid. When writing a background, consider their impact on a character's history.

  • 1204: Unseasonable winter weather and storms experienced in the summer are attributed to Skaldi weather magic.
  • 1208: Assassins bearing the black cross unsuccessfully attack King Augustine while he is on a progressus (royal tour) of Caerdicca Unitas.
  • 1209: Several prominent nobles die suspiciously throughout the year, leading to rumours of assassinations and conspiracies.
  • 1209: On the Feast of Anael's Bounty, all scions of the Companions fall unconscious in agonizing pain. The Black Cross heretics perform a Yeshuite ritual in the City of Elua that severs any scion from accessing the birthright of the Companions.
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