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Punishing Angel

Province :Kusheth
Gifts : Endurance, Suffering, Atonement, Law
Main Temple Location : Isle of d'Oeste
High Priest : ?
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Endurance, suffering, atonement, these are the gifts the punisher of the One God, Kushiel, brought to the people of Terre d’Ange, for he shared an understanding with Blessed Elua, and saw that love can be the salvation of all things. It is said the Kushiel lays no burden that one can not bear, and by seeking atonement through pain and supplication can one be cleansed and forgiven. While many think that suffering is more a curse then a gift, without suffering one can not find the drive and need to improve, to remove the source of suffering from one’s soul, to grow, to improve. Kushiel also brought with him the concept of judgment and the science of Law to the people. In many communities the local priest or priestess of Kushiel serves as the magistrate.

The province of Kusheth is where Kushiel made his home, and it is in this land that his main temple resides. Kushiel’s priests are different then other priesthoods in that in his temples ore carrying out their official duties, they wear black featureless robes and full bronze masks, making identifying the priest difficult to impossible, a necessary thing as the priesthood wants the supplicants to believe it is the hand of Kushiel delivering the chastisement, and the priest or priestess the vessel. Outside of the temple or official business, the priest or priestess does not wear the bronze mask of office. While many do not hide their association with the temple, it is not unheard of a priest or priestess keeping their station a secret.

The main temple of Kushiel is located on the Isle of d'Oeste, part of a chain of islands off the western coast of Kusheth. It is an imposing and intimidating structure that is exposed to the harshest elements that region has, perhaps to remind the priesthood of the day to day pain and struggles Kushiel's charges face every day as a means to help mold and shape them.

Above even acting as a magistrate for rural areas of the realm, the most important and sacred duty of the clergy of Kushiel is the Rite of Penance. In this rite, the supplicant is bathed in near-scalding water and then knelt before a whipping post and scourged before the congregation of masked priests and priestesses. When the initial scourging is done, confession is asked for, and if the supplicant does not feel sufficiently cleansed of their wrongdoing, they can confess their crimes and the priest or priestess leading the rite can administer further punishment as they see fit for the confession given without further question.

Kushiel's Temple, Temple District

The Temple of Kushiel is a rather oppressive place. The high, vaulted ceilings rise above in majestic arches, gray stone reaching up into a shroud of darkness. Numerous candles struggle to dispel the shadows, flickering on tiered candelabra, though their light never seems quite bright enough to drive the veil of darkness back entirely. The hall itself is fairly quiet with only the sound of soft footsteps, the rustling of robes, and the occasional hushed murmurs as acolytes guide petitioners to speak with a priest. The floors are shining, black marble, stretching forth to reflect back the flickering light of the candles, and only a few narrow windows of blue, red and violet stained glass offer any hint of light from the outdoors at intervals along the stark gray walls.

Dominating the far end of the Temple is an enormous bronze statue of Kushiel himself, seated on a throne of bone-white marble. In one hand, he holds a rod and in the other, a flail, which he holds crossed over his chest beneath a stern yet beautiful bronze face. Three large bronze keys are inlaid into the base of the throne, symbolizing the Keys to the Portals of Hell, arranged in a triangle. Along the western wall, several alcoves shrouded in curtains of black velvet provide places where petitioners may speak with a priest in private. To either side of the throne, arched corridors lead deeper into the Temple.

Festival: Day of Kushiel's Due

The people of Terre d'Ange observe this day as a day of fasting and make visits the Temple of Kusheth where they pray to be absolved of their transgressions and sinful behaviors - many receiving chastisement for them.

By the evening, the fast is broken by supper with friends and family during which forgiveness for recent transgressions is traditionally asked.

Known Members From Families

This is a list of known NPC members of Kushiel's Order from the Family Trees.

  • Judecael Penfars, Priest, late 20s

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