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Mei-Xing Rousse
Princess of Ch'in, Ambassador of Ch'in
"“A truly great man never puts away the simplicity of a child"
-Chinese proverb
Name: Mei-Xing Rousse
Title: Ch'in Royal, Ambassador of Ch'in
Class: Nobility
Homeland: Celestial City, Shuntain, Ch'in
Natality: May 28, 1180
Age: 26
Occupation: Learning fluent D'Angeline
Mother: Princess Mei-Xie of Ch'in
Father: Vincent Rousse, Comte of Sombreuil
Status: Single
Heir: None yet
Portrayed By:
Notable Stats
  • Virtue: Temperance
  • Athletics: Acrobatics
  • Resources •••••
  • Kung Fu •••••
  • Multi-Lingual ••••• (Caerdicci, D'Angeline, Tiberian, Tufani (Shuntain natively))
Coat of Arms

Around twenty seven years ago, a ruddy-cheeked D'Angeline sailor was wed to Emperor Whateverhisnameis's fourth daughter; Mei-Xie in exchange for lasting success of trade he had brought, and continued goodwill between the two nations. Of that union a year later came Mei-Xing, a blend of west and east.

Studying under a D'Angeline tutor/governess for most of her childhood, Mei learned Caerdicci, Tiberian, and the language of her blood, D'Angeline. In her the woman sparked a want to go to Tiberian, and study as it seemed all the great scholars did at their majority.

During her time growing up, from age 10 and beyond, Mei-Xing also began to learn the Ch'in form of self defense Kung Fu. Beneath her teacher Master Gao, she learn before 10 the ins and outs of acrobatics; how to move, climb, contort. After she turned 10, he taught her to fight; how to block and get away, and when she excelled, how to take down another twice her size, with nary an effort. By the time she was 18, Mei-Xing was capable of besting nearly all the guards her father demanded she have.

At 18, Mei-Xing left for Tiberium to study for four years, the time in foreign lands opening her eyes to the world. When she returned to Ch'In after, her decision was clear; she wanted to see her father's homeland, and see how his people lived. Thus, with large pockets, and tiny feet, she set off across the world to come to the City of Eula.

Now, after months of disappearance from the country of Terre D'Ange, Mei-Xing has resurfaced. She's taken over the halls of the Ambassadorial tower, and those who know her say she's become much more serious of late.

At A Glance
Nicknames: Mei, Little Star, Trix
Hobbies: Sparring, Climbing things, Debating matters of trade and politics
Likes: Sweets, Challenging people, Acrobatic tricks, Playing pranks
Dislikes: People mocking her size, being told 'no', having to use D'Angeline a lot
Little Known Facts:
Can likely best even some of the seasoned warriors in hand-to-hand combat. More intelligent than she likely comes off.

Many would likely describe the little princess as naive; innocent, even. And while not all of it is wrong, when one sits to discuss a top of passion to Mei, she blossoms and her years at Tiberium shine through.

She is, however, incredibly brash when it comes to taking insult; she's become used to being dismissed- either as a bubbly idiot, or for her size, and thus anytime she fears someone is doing it to her, her anger surfaces. Most of the time she can control it, but on the off-chance she can't, her fists come flying and she's lunging at someone.

She's very romantically stunted, however; she's convinced that no one in the city could want a half-D'Angeline when they could have a full one, despite contrary words.

RP Hooks
  • In the last 26 years, has your character been to Ch'in and met the Royal Family?
  • Has your character studied at Tiberium during the same time? (4-8 years ago)
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