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Kushiel's Debut Player's Guide

Kushiel's Debut is a fantasy game in an alternative history setting, based on Jacqueline Carey's novels.

Terre d'Ange (16th century France) is a land of glittering wonder and deep intrigue, machiavellian conspiracy and luxury. A millennium ago, Elua and his angelic Companions mingled with mortals, creating a nation populated by people with a celestial legacy in their veins. Today Terre d'Ange struggles to maintain its independence against an array of threats massed on its borders, like the barbaric Skaldi, and an insidious religious group called the Black Cross that seeks to bring the nation to its knees.

This player's guide gives an introduction to the game's setting and how to create a character.

Terre d'Ange

All roads lead to the City of Elua, as D'Angelines say. Elua is the capital of Terre d'Ange, the focal point of a blessed nation where its king rules over ambitious nobility, graceful courtiers, and blessed commonfolk. This section provides players with a solid understanding about the setting of Kushiel's Debut.

Current Events
  • 1208: Open Black Cross attacks on the king and Terre d'Ange begin.
  • 1209-1211: Scion powers have not functioned due to the Black Cross.
  • 1210-1211: The Flatlands War ended without a clear D'Angeline victory.
  • 1211: Higher taxes required to pay for the war. Scion powers return on Longest Night.
  • Overview: The story of Kushiel's Debut. Start here.
  • Theme Fundamentals: Key points to understand about the Kushiel world.
  • Setting Guide: Our guide to the game setting.
  • Timeline: Historical and recent events beyond the book series.
  • City of Elua: The D'Angeline capital where roleplay happens.
  • Glossary: A list of terms used in the series.
Character Creation

Kushiel's Debut uses the Chronicles of Darkness (1st Edition) rule set to determine character abilities and skills, and to determine outcomes with rolls. This system was formerly called New World of Darkness or nWoD. The game only uses the core rulebook and a selection of new merits, listed on the wiki.


What should I play?

We have seen this question a lot over the years, and ultimately, the answer usually comes back to the question of "What will you enjoy playing?"

Newbie-Friendly Concepts:

These concepts are recommended for new players or those unfamiliar with the theme.

Challenging Concepts:

These concepts are recommended for players experienced with Kushielverse theme.

  • High-ranking landed noble (comte, marquis, duke)
  • Night Court courtesan (Alyssum, Gentian)
  • Foreign ambassadors
  • Foreigners, especially hostile nations (Carthage, Skaldia, Vralia)
  • Noble unconnected to a populated family
  • Occult-based concepts

Terre d'Ange is a hereditary monarchy where power resides in the Crown, currently King Augustine de la Courcel. The aristocracy wields authority at the provincial level through counties and marquisates down to baronies, the smallest governmental unit. Most influential are the Great Houses, usually best known for their direct descent from the Companions.


These guides provide information for different types of roleplay.

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