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  • Depictions of strongly adult themes
  • Limits and restrictions regarding alternate characters
  • Obtaining a shop or business
  • Where and how to obtain character housing
  • All combat must be judged by staff
  • Consent, fading to black, and related staff involvement
  • The overall 'philosophy' for Kushiel's Debut
  • Certain character names are off limits
  • Harassment will not be tolerated
  • Separation of IC and OOC
  • What happens when a character isn't logged in
  • Various in-game incentives for players
  • Making sense in poses
  • Behavioral expectations
  • Use of non-player characters
  • Use of an actor/actress to represent a player character
  • Real life age restrictions
  • Guidelines for how to run PrP's (Player run Plots)
  • Idling in public spaces
  • Spying (with or without puppets)
  • In character risks and benefits/consequences
  • Use of social dice rolls
  • Policies for KD Staff Members
  • The Guiding Questions that keep staff and the game focused.
  • Game foundations that will not be changing
  • Guidelines for character, house, and theme pages
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