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Class : Commoner, Adept, Noble, Royal
Homeland : Province
Birthdate : MM DD, YY (Age: #)
Occupation : Replace me
Mother : Mama's Name
Father : Papa's Name
Status : Single, Married, Widowed
Heir : Baby Name
Portrayed By : Your Actor
Some Notable Stats
  • Virtue: This
  • Vice: That
  • Attribute •••••
  • Skill ••••
  • Merit •••••
  • Other Merit ••••• (This, That)
  • Other Skill ••••
Pretty Pictures
Coat of Arms

This is a great place to put in a few bits of information that you might want to share about your character. Note this is probably publicly known and ought to include traits related to Fame merit or the Notoriety flaw, any Status merits, and whatever else might warrant noting. Yay!

At A Glance

Nicknames: This
Hobbies: This, That, and Other
Likes: Blue, Green, and Red
Dislikes: Pink and Purple

RP Hooks
  • Rank: This is about your rank and probably a good place to mention your province, territory, and anything unusual.
  • Role: Do you have any interesting jobs, like a lady-in-waiting, chief hunter, best pastry chef in L'Agnace? Stick something here about that.
  • Interesting Trait: Ooh, where'd you get that tasty scar? Do you have an unusual marque used by a very famous courtesan two hundred years ago? Speak Caerdicci with a really bad accent?
  • Family Ties: If you have some unusual ones beyond the obvious, why not note those relations.
  • Scandals: They're great for giving something to hook into.
  • Opinions: Post any vocal opinions about religion, Yeshuites, organizations, provinces, or even politics in here to spur up some fun. You can do it!
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