Valerian House

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Valerian House
Motto :"I yield."
Dowayne : Teresse nó Valerian
Second : Catherine Mornay nó Valerian

It is said when Naamah gave herself to the King Persis to earn Blessed Elua his freedom, it was done with her eyes downcast, kneeling before the king with her hands raised, giving up her body in submission to his dark desires. One of the two Houses of the Night Court that deals with the darker and sharper pleasures, House Valerian's canon is submission, and in that submission pleasing their patrons every desire, not matter how dark or unusual that desire may be.


Most fosterlings enter House Valerian at age 6, the earliest age a child can be accepted by any House of the Night Court. The selection of House Valerian is rather ritualized, the passing out of a candy that coats a sharp spice. The fosterlings are told the spice of the candy is the true treat. Those that understand this are fostered with House Valerian. They also keep an eye out for other novices through the years to see if any others might understand the lesson with the candy later in life. Like other Houses of the Night Court, House Valerian will accept any novice up to the point a novice dedicates themselves to Naamah.


Valerian adepts have mayhap the widest range of clothing attire, save Mandrake and Eglantine. At times a Valerian must dress in formal attire, other times to the downright provocative, or at times nothing at all save a leather collar and cuffs. The patron's wish is the Valerian's desire, though they do have a few outfits to make them presentable in society.


Training for a Valerian adept, in addition to the standard etiquette and courtly graces training, is fairly intensive as from the moment their formal training starts, a Valerian adept always experiences pain with pleasure, pleasure with pain, a conditioning to prepare them for their future assignations with patrons. Valerian adepts also are treated to an in depth study of the erotic texts. Lastly, Valerian adepts also go through an fairly intensive physical conditioning to be better prepared for assignations with patrons.


Patrons that flock to House Valerian normally do not want it aired out for public knowledge. Discretion is an important factor to the nobles that partake of Valerian House. As such the debut of a Valerian novice is a private auction, with proposals going to the House, and the Dowayne and the novice selecting the patron that is the best for the House and the novice. It is not uncommon for the novice to serve in salon, and to be featured at one of the Valerian fetes before their debut.


Assignations with Valerian are not the norm, with the tastes and desires of their patrons are wide and varied. Patrons however mush show some proficiency with the more dangerous and harmful instruments such as needles or fletchettes before their use be allowed in an assignation. Such records are kept at both House Valerian and House Mandrake. It is known the more risk to the adept, the higher the assignation fee is for the contract. Some assignations are done in conjunction with House Mandrake, either for private showings, or other aspects where adepts from both Houses are required. Short term assignations are the norm as the House wants to ensure the recovery of the adept. Social assignations are very rare for a Valerian adept, again because of the discretion of the patron. There are some patrons that do not care and like the shock of having the Valerian on their arm.


One key part of any assignation with a Valerian adept is the signale. Despite everything that happens within House Valerian's wall, not matter how cruel or unkind it may seem to the layperson, all of it is done with desire, love, and consent of all parties involved. Should there be a time when the adept feels that the experience is beyond what they believed they could handle, they have but to utter their signale, and all will stop. The patron will cease all they are doing and see immediately to the safety and concern of the Valerian adept. Whether or not the adept continues will be up to them, but the uttering of the signale should never be seen as means of weakness, as the purpose, even in the dungeon's of House Valerian, is the pleasure of the patron in the glory of Naamah's service. The signale is the most effective method of letting all parties involved know that was is transpiring is no longer enjoyable or consensual. All patrons are cautioned heavily that the signale is sacrosanct, and is always to be believed and acted upon. Any patron that is ever caught ignoring an adept's signale has committed near the direst of blasphemes in the service of Naamah and in the eyes of Blessed Elua. It is on par with the act of rape itself, the second most of unpardonable crimes in Terre d'Ange. A patron that commits this heinous of acts will be declared anathema to all within House Valerian, bared from future entry, and turned over to the magistrate for justice.


It is written that during the Longest Night fete in which the tragic historical figure of Prince Baudoin's Trevalion was named the Sun Prince, the adepts of House Valerian attended as Akkadian pleasure slaves, which they felt affronted but House Jasmine appearing and a similar theme as harems dancers.

Festival: Mara's Eve and Mara's Vigil

Mara's Eve - February 26th
Mara's Eve is a major night for the House of Valerian. A handful of novice's with the most potential have the honor of having their debut night held on Mara's Eve in honor of Naamah's daughter and the first anguisette, Mara.

Mara's Vigil - February 27th
This day is held in celebration of a country hero and famed anguisette, the Comtesse Phedre no Delaunay de Montreve, as well as the mythical first Anguisette, Naamah's Daughter Mara. Celebration generally includes fetes, including one held at the House of Valerian on Mont Nuit.

The Anguisette: Mara's Story
An anguissette is a mortal chosen by Kushiel to set a balance back in the world. They are marked by Kushiel with a red mote in their eye, referred to as a wound unhealed. They are essentially extreme masochists, finding pleasure in pain. Their function as Kushiel's chosen is to restore balance to the world in some way. They have the benefit of healing quickly. A D'Angeline who kills an anguissette will be tormented in hell for a thousand years. However, if the killer is a scion of Kushiel, he will be tormented for ten thousand years.

"Mighty Kushiel of rod and weal
Late of the brazen portals
With blood-tipped dart, a wound unhealed
Pricks the eyes of chosen mortals"

This poem refers to Kushiel marking anguissettes. At the time of the Phedre no Delaunay de Montreve there had been no anguissette in living memory. However, the marquist Master Tielhard, who designed Phedre's marque, said that his grandfather warned him about anguissettes, so perhaps he had known one. The only other anguisette since Phedre no Delaunay is living presently: the Duchesse Sylvia nó Valerian Shahrizai.

Past Courtesans
  • Jean-Baptiste Marais nó Valerian—Dowayne of House Valerian during the time of Phèdre nó Delaunay de Montrève
  • Didier Vascon nó Valerian—Second of House Valerian that instructed Phèdre nó Delaunay de Montrève in the arts of algolagnia, Dowayne of the House during the time of Imriel de la Courcel
  • Sephira nó Valerian—Adept of House Valerian who was contracted by Mavros Shahrizai for Prince Imriel de la Courcel
Character Creation
  • Valerian adepts can come in different forms and coloring, so there are no physical description limitations when creating a character, and they can hail from any province. Non d'Angeline adepts of House Valerian are also not unheard of, as long as they meet the Night Court standards for beauty and the House canon
  • For role playing style, adepts of House Valerian, while not modest or shy like and Alyssum adept, do tend to be polite and differential to their patrons. Not all patrons will want totally meek or submissive, as several patrons are more interested in the rebellion then the actual submission
  • House Skills: Empathy, Athletics, Persuasion
Family Tree Members
  • Joielle no Valerian, consort to Lucien Andreau Chabot, 30s
  • Anastasie no Valerian, consort to Marc Remy Shahrizai, 40s
  • Rogier no Valerian, consort to Neva Therese Shahrizai, 30s
  • Jaqueline no Valerian, consort to Kevin d'Aubert, late 30s
  • Leonie Dinna Maignard nó Valerian, Retired, consort to Violette Courcel, late 20s
  • Katarina Shahrizai no Valerian, late 30s
  • Colalie Penfars no Valerian, mid20s
  • Renard Cherevin no Valerian, 20s
  • Melanie Shahrizai no Valerian, 20s
  • Esme Yssabu Maignard nó Valerian, Novice, soon to be debuted.
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