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Not a rule, but a suggestion: add [[Category:Data]] to the bottom of every page you create, to make manual backups easier.

All wiki pages should primarily be written in English. Having a short foreign phrase here or there is fine, but going overboard with it does not make you witty. It gets in the way of the reason for the wiki in the first place: communication. Also, all information on a wiki should flow from the top of the page to the bottom. Please do not use formatting that forces scrolling to the left and/or right.

Character Page Guidelines

Kushiel's Debut Wkiki is an amazing source of theme, giving potential players access to information to create wonderfully in depth characters no matter how familiar they are with Jacqueline Carey's works. In order to help with players, there are a few guidelines that Kushiel's Debut has to makes sure the game experience is enjoyable and fair to all.

  • Unlike other games, all information on a character's wiki page is considered In Character (IC) information other characters can readily find out with a bit of research and asking questions. If you put it on your character page, it is fair game for any other player to use in role play. We believe this will help prevent unneeded Out of Character (OOC) hostilities, keeping the character pages as they are intended to be used, as a source of IC information about your character. Deep dark secrets, enemies, secret plots, we would like to see those discovered in role play, not because it was posted on a wiki page. And if you do decide to post it on the page, you are stating it is something widely known to all about your character.
  • Players are limited with their images. This is so we do not run out of storage space and to allow growth in the game. Disk space isn't free, so we thank all in advance for their understanding and cooperation. These pictures should be clean (all naughty bits covered), and do not need to be 'period' (in other words, the actors can be dressed in modern clothing).
    Players are allowed:
    • 5 pictures per character, no larger then 400X400px, must be .jpg format.
    • One additional image that is a banner/header image, no larger than 700x300px, this one can be .png format.
    • Absolutely no animated gifs.
  • Please do not overwrite files or logs without staff approval. Other players may have linked these files to their pages, and if you overwrite the files, you will change the content on their pages as well. If you have any questions, just get a hold of staff or send them an @mail and they will be glad to help you!
  • With the exception of staff, no one is to make changes to the wiki page of another person's character. If you see something you believe needs changing, please @mail that person in game, or else use the talk/discussion link for that page.
  • Please do not change your character's category to Inactive, Dead, or NPC without speaking with Staff about it first, so that the IC reasons can be worked out and so that we can remain apprised of what characters are available for future plots.
  • Please do not copy and paste rumors from the in-game bboard system to your wiki pages. Putting up things that people might have heard about your character, in a more general sense, is fine, but copying rumors to character wiki pages can allow rumors that have been squashed to persist, decreasing the impact of being able to do so and can also give people access to information that they should not have, in the case of rumors that are posted on boards other than the general rumors board.

House Page Guidelines

  • With the perks of being head of the family, comes responsibility. Players that play heads of houses should work in tandem with wiki staff to keep pages current. Players are free to work together to incorporate their own creative ideas into backgrounds, overviews, and Family Trees. However staff will be checking in periodically to make sure that all of our plans are gelling to keep the game theme cohesive.
  • Staff may make changes to the formatting of these pages at times, for the sake of uniformity or making them easier for players, particularly new ones, to navigate or understand the information contained within. Nothing will be removed without warning, however.
  • Before anyone other than Staff or head of house makes changes to house pages, get those changes approved by head of house and/or Staff. The only exceptions to this would be spelling/linking errors being corrected.
  • House pages are limited to 5 pictures, 400x400. The exception to the size rule is a family tree/lineage picture. These can be sized so as to be readable
  • For some help in formatting Family Trees, see Family Tree Sample

Theme Page Guidelines

  • If you are knowledgeable about the game history or the Kushiel's Legacy series and would like to contribute to the wiki theme pages, please check in with staff to discuss what areas you would like to flesh out. We'd love to have your ideas. We expect that if you are working on a contribution along with others you keep discussions positive and civil, and thank you for your efforts.

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